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Food Pantry

Our Food Pantry is here to serve the people of Washington County who need a little help. 

The Pantry Hours are:

Tuesday & Thursdays - 8:00am - Noon

We are closed the 2nd Tuesday of each month for food delivery.

Please pray for our Country and its leaders.


Thank you for visiting our website!

The Washington Baptist Association is located in Chatom AL. on St. Stephens Ave. between the Washington Co. Hospital & Nursing Home and the Washington County Health Department. 

Here you will find information concerning our churches and their ministries. We hope you find your time spent here a blessing. Our association strives to complete The Great Commission.

We want you to feel comfortable and at liberty to call on us for anything you need. Feel free to browse through the various areas of our website and learn about our churches in Washington Co.

If you are considering a new place of worship or a relocation to our area, we would love to help you find the church that will fit to you and your family.


From the Director's Desk,


As we come to this time of the year where we thank God for all he has done for us through the virgin birth of Jesus and now through the unfair trials and the crucifixion of Jesus and the Resurrection of Jesus.

My mind goes to Luke 22:31-32;60-61. This is Peter’s denials of Jesus and yet it is his pathway to power. I believe we can understand ourselves better when we understand Peter and identify ourselves with his failures and his success. So what changed this denying disciple into a dynamic Christian that God used as His spokesman for his Lord on the Day of Pentecost?

1. The prayer of Jesus Christ for Peter in Luke:22-31-32. (Please read).

The Bible tells us that Jesus prayed for us in Gethsemane in Jn.17:20. Jesus is now interceding for us in Heaven. Hebrews 7:25.

Listen, Peter lost his battle with temptation but his faith did not fail. Jesus would go on to commission him to strengthen the others after this crisis.

2. The precise time of the Rooster’s crowing when Peter had filed. Luke:( Please read).

The exact time of the rooster’s crowing was told to us in Luke22:34, but just listen to a few good words for a rooster.

He rises early and goes about his God-given task! He does his task without any praise! He awakens the sleepers! He never gets bored with the same routine!

God used this rooster to bring Peter to repentance and God will use anything and anyone to bring people to repentance!!

3. The Lord’s powerful look at Peter. Luke22:61(please read)

Notice that with all that was happening to Jesus, he still turned at looked back at Peter. Jesus still cared for Peter in the midst of his failure. Listen, Jesus still looks at us and cares for us.

We can only guess about this look that Jesus gave Peter but whatever the look was, it broke Peter’s heart and sent him away weeping. Peter was down that denying day, but he was not out.

I am a baseball fan and I love to read the stories of some of these players who went through some struggles and became successful in life.

One of my favorite story is the one about Dave Drevecky. He amazed the sports world by all his struggles and his recoveries through life. After these struggles, Dave became a pitcher for the San Francisco Giants and it was hoped that he would help lead the team to a National League pennant. Then, the news came that the deltoid muscle in his pitching arm was invaded by cancer. This cancer would not kill him but it would end his baseball career. This did not seem right after a promising start to his career.

He did not complain and he told everyone that he would make a comeback. Dave went through a training program that was unheard of at this time in the exercise rooms of baseball. He trained his other muscles in his pitching arm to replace the function of his deltoid muscle. He began tossing the baseball underhanded. Then he began throwing the baseball. Next he began to pitch baseballs. Last began the biggest test of all, it was to convince the team management that he could pitch effectively again. Words would not win this argument but his actions did.

The day came when he would take the mound again in San Francisco. He pitched effectively without his deltoid muscle against the Cincinnati Reds. He did give up a home run but in the end, he won again in major league baseball. But a few days later pitching in Montreal, the bone made brittle by so much treatments, gave way and broke. Dave's pitching days were over. Defeat seemed stronger than victory.

Or did it? Dave would go on to testify to the peace that he had because he said, "Through it all, I have learned to trust in Jesus Christ completely.”

This is the story of Luke 22. Satan tried to take charge of Judas, Jesus, Peter, and the other disciples. He did succeed with Judas and a brief time with Peter. Satan did control the Jewish religious leaders. But Satan never succeeded with Jesus. Jesus prayed His way through the moments of temptation and the moments of wanting to do His own will rather than the Father’s. Yet, Jesus yielded His life to follow the Father’s perfect will even if it meant going through the pain and mockery of an unjust trail and being crucified. Through all of this, Jesus revealed the glory of God and showed the world that as the Son of God, He would become the righteous judge of the universe.

Jesus’ example stands before you and me as we also face some pretty unfair situations of life. But do not give in like Judas and Peter did. Resist the Devil and pray your way through temptation, and endure the world’s injustice like Jesus did to testify to God’s goodness.

A prayer that I found sometime ago that helps as we go through some trails is this: “Mighty God in heaven, life on this earth seems so unfair. People mistreat us and harm us and mock us. We try to be true to you through it all, but it is tough at times to hang in there. Your kingdom can seem very far away. Help us to endure and not yield to temptation. Help us to hold fast to you, no matter what the world and Satan throws at us. You let your body be broken. You spilled your blood for us. May we live for you always.” Amen


Contact Information  
Washington Baptist Association
14810 St Stephens Ave
Mail: P.O. Box 1447
Chatom, Alabama 36518
Phone (251)847-2753
Fax 251-847-6404
VBS Clinic

VBS 2020

Mark your calendar now for our VBS training Clinic

Here at WBA

March 1st, 2 - 4pm

Come see the new literature, decorations and much more.

Door prizes and giveaways. 

Who's Your One Tour

Who's your One?

Each of us has at least one person we know who does not know Jesus.

Commit to pray for that person and to develop an everlasting relationship that 

might result in them coming to know Jesus as their Savior.

Training for Who's Your One Tour:

March 26th - 10:00 am - 12:30 pm. Lunch will be provided following the conference.

Millry Baptist Church

This is a free event but you must register to take the course.

Click Here to register on line.



We are always searching for awesome volunteers to join our team at the Caring Hearts Center and our Food Pantry. If you would like to volunteer please come in and fill out a application at the Washington Baptist Association.

Clothing Hangers

Caring Hearts Center is in need of Children's hangers for our clothing. If you have any hangers you could donate please bring them by the Association office or drop them off at Caring Hearts. 

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