August 2020  
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Food Pantry
8:00 AM to 12:00 AM
We give out food every Tuesday and Thursday from 8am - Noon EXCEPT for the 2nd Tuesday of each month.
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Theology Of Work
  • If there are just two tasks God wants us to concentrate on more than any other they are loving God and loving those……
    August 12, 2020, 9:23 AM
  • God has given each person a wide variety of gifts, and he expects us to employ those gifts in his service. How can……
    August 11, 2020, 12:07 PM
  • Malachi says that when people go about their work ethically, the economy is restored. Pray with us about this.……
    August 10, 2020, 7:02 AM
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Food Pantry

Our Food Pantry is here to serve the people of Washington County who need a little help. 

The Pantry Hours are:

Tuesday & Thursdays - 8:00am - Noon

We are closed the 2nd Tuesday of each month for food delivery.

Thank you for visiting our website!

The Washington Baptist Association is located in Chatom AL. on St. Stephens Ave. between the Washington Co. Hospital & Nursing Home and the Washington County Health Department. 

Here you will find information concerning our churches and their ministries. We hope you find your time spent here a blessing. Our association strives to complete The Great Commission.

We want you to feel comfortable and at liberty to call on us for anything you need. Feel free to browse through the various areas of our website and learn about our churches in Washington Co.

If you are considering a new place of worship or a relocation to our area, we would love to help you find the church that will fit to you and your family.


Please pray for our country and its leaders.


Remember to Pray for your pastors. With everything going on he may feel weighted down with decisions related to this virus. If he consideres canceling services, people criticize. If he doesn't cancel services, people criticize. Pray for him as he seeks God's direction for the hard decisions. He not only has a church family to be concerned with but his own family, kids, parents.....etc. 


From the Director's Desk,

I pray that all is going well with everyone, as we are still in the midst of the covid-19 virus. Just keep on praying for each other and for the Lord to help us as we navigate in this unsettle waters.

I have gotten the backpack information from the WMU leaders from the State Board of Missions and this year we have the opportunity to go back to two churches in the Memphis, Tennessee area. Two years ago we went to First Baptist Church of Gallaway and we have another church, located about 30 miles from Gallaway, Holy Temple Baptist Church.

Both of these churches have requested 130 backpacks each for girl and boys of different ages. This will be a total of 260 backpacks.

We are not sure at this point how many we can take with us to Gallaway, but as the December date gets closer and the covid-19 virus updates, I will know for certain how many can go and help with the school activities and the hand out of the backpacks.

We will need all 65 boys backpacks for First Baptist of Gallaway from the ages of

2-years –17 years. All the 65 girls backpacks for Gallaway have been donated.

We will need all 70 girls backpacks from the ages of 2-14 and all the boys backpacks from the ages of 2-10 at the Holy Temple Baptist church.

I have all the information about the ribbon colors for the backpacks and how to fill these at the office if you need this information. I will also have the Christmas story to go into these backpacks here at the office. So if you or your church decides to pack some backpacks for an age group please call me at the office.

One of the amazing statement that has come out of the WMU is that churches are

requesting backpacks from Alabama. So when we pack these backpacks think of them as giving these to your child or grandchild. We like to think of the children as our adopted children so we fill our backpacks so full that you can hardly get the zipper closed. So we need to remember this is Christmas time and this may be the only Christmas these children get, so please be in prayer how the Lord will lead you in this great mission project, and by all means probably the greatest gift one can give is a Bible, so make sure one is in your backpack.

We also have a website you can go to purchase backpacks at a reasonable price and some you can also purchase with some supplies in them. The website is:

The amazing thing about reading and studying Scripture is, no matter how many times you read it, one verse just jumps out at you and speaks volumes to you. This happen again to me about three weeks ago as I was reading the Beatitudes. When I got to Matthew 5:41;”Whoever compels you to go one mile, go with him two.” The word “compel” is of the Persian origin. In order that the royal commands might be delivered with safety and on time in different parts of the empire, Cyrus stationed horsemen at proper intervals on the known highways at that time in order that the message was rapidly and safely communicated to one another. Those heralds were permitted to compel any person, or to press any horse, boat, ship or any other way of transportation so that the Kings order was quickly transmitted to the right person. It was this custom that our Savior was referring to. Can you imagine the reaction to those who were living under Roman rule at this time. Jesus was calling on His disciples then and now to do not only what was require one mile, but go two miles.

Have you ever thought about what separates some from others in athletics, in business, in education, in the arts or in any other endeavor? It is their willingness to do more than what is expected or required.

I have thought about this a lot these past few months since the covid-19 virus has change our lifestyles at home and at church. We do not like the word, change, let alone, to start doing things differently than the way we have always done them. Jesus choose 12 disciple's who were fishermen. Men the world would not even consider, yet they change their world and you and I are here today as believers in our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus because of them.

We live in a different world today were many people have rejected Jesus Christ. We as His church must change the way we have always done church. There is some ways that are very effective but there are also some ways that do not work in todays society. Can you imagine that when we who name Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior go that extra mile, and do things different, how ever it would look, that act separates us from the crowds, and we find ourselves the shinning light that is not hidden by serving selflessly with His love.

Are we just satisfied in doing just the very minimum. That just is not enough. We as the church must decide now to exceed that which is required of us and go that extra mile. We need to be second-mile disciples in our world today.


Serving Him Together

Bro. Larry Thompson


Contact Information  
Washington Baptist Association
14810 St Stephens Ave
Mail: P.O. Box 1447
Chatom, Alabama 36518
Phone (251)847-2753
Fax 251-847-6404

Volunteers Needed

We are needing Volunteers to help run the register and hang up clothing during your shift at Caring Hearts Center. 

If you are interested in volunteering 1 day a week or just a few hours a week please call:

Lanette at the Association office, 251-847-2753 or Amanda at the Caring Hearts, 251-847-3575

Pastors Gathering

Pastors gathering together to uplift, support and encourage. 

August 24th, 6pm here at WBA


We are always searching for awesome volunteers to join our team at the Caring Hearts Center and our Food Pantry. If you would like to volunteer please come in and fill out a application at the Washington Baptist Association.

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