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The Washington Baptist Association is located in Chatom AL. on St. Stephens Ave. between the Washington Co. Hospital & Nursing Home and the Washington County Health Department. 

Here you will find information concerning our churches and their ministries. We hope you find your time spent here a blessing. Our association strives to complete The Great Commission.

We want you to feel comfortable and at liberty to call on us for anything you need. Feel free to browse through the various areas of our website and learn about our churches in Washington Co.

If you are considering a new place of worship or a relocation to our area, we would love to help you find the church that will fit to you and your family.


Please pray for our country and its leaders.


Remember to Pray for your pastors. With everything going on he may feel weighted down with decisions related to this virus. If he consideres canceling services, people criticize. If he doesn't cancel services, people criticize. Pray for him as he seeks God's direction for the hard decisions. He not only has a church family to be concerned with but his own family, kids, parents.....etc. 


From the Director's Desk,

One of the blessing’s of serving the Lord as an Associational Missionary is to visit the churches and be invited to some special events that the churches have. Last August 23rd, was at Springhill Baptist Church where they honored Clarice Carpenter with a reception for having served as Secretary of the church for over 27 years. Clarice made the following statement:” I am thankful for the opportunity I was given to serve The Lord as the church secretary and it only seems like yesterday that I started. I enjoyed serving The Lord in this way as it gave me the chance to interact with other church members. I would like to thank the member of the church for the reception and the love they have showed to me.”

Clarice is married to Dale Carpenter who has diligently served the Lord as chairman of Deacons for 25 years. What a blessing for their faithfulness.

Several weeks ago I just caught the tail end of a devotion from Ps. 18:1-3 . Since then , I have read and study Ps. 18 and especially these first three verses. The background from this Psalm is, David has been running for his life and is always in constant danger from King Saul and his army. Now David has been delivered from King Saul and his enemies and David lifts up his voice and praises the Lord God who has given him the victory.

At the beginning in V.1 , David makes 2 amazing and profound statements. First, he declares his love for the Lord. Second, he declares his absolute dependence upon the Lord. David seems to be saying that he will live out his life with these two great profound thoughts.

Lets look closely at these two statements and see what they mean for you and I today.

1. Love: This word is translated “to fondle.” It carries the very idea of hugging. What David is saying that he is so filled with love for the Lord that he just wants to get close to Him and hug Him. We've all felt this way about someone we love. Out hearts get so fill up that we just want to hug our mate, or children, our grandchildren. When we really considered all that the Lord has done for us and how much He loves us and has made a way to save us, does not our hearts get so full that we would just like to get close to The Lord and hug Him.

2. Strength: 9 times in the first 2 verses, David uses the personal possessive pronoun "MY”. One of the first words we all have learned early in life is the word my. My house, my car, my toys, etc. What David is doing is expressing his simple, childlike faith in his relationship with the Lord.

David in his childlike relationship with God, finds all the strength that he needs to make it through life no matter what life throws at him. He will go on to show us 8 word pictures that David has used to describe God and His power in ones life that is right with God.

David describes God as a Rock Our Stability. When everything else in this world is tossed and twisted, God forever remains the same.

David says God is Our Safety. God is a fortress. David reminds us as God’s children, we have a place of safety to which we can go in times of adversity and trials. God is our fortress, our place of perfect peace and safety.

David says God is Our Savior. David refers to the Lord as his deliver. The Lord has not only saved us when we received Him by faith, but God goes on saving us day by day , and when this life is over, we will ultimately be saved when we arrived home in Heaven.

David says God is Our Sovereign. He uses the word here, ”EL.”: The Almighty God. The God who is over all things and as one who is in control of all things, even when we can not make any sense of it.

David says God is Our Strength. David says God is all we need. None of us know just what we will face in life, but God is all we need.

David says God is Our Shield. When the trials and the storms of life come, the Lord steps in between these storms and His children. We will never know until we get Home how many times the Lord has stopped some awful things that was coming our way.

David says God is Our Security. He uses the “horn of salvation.” David is saying in God’s salvation, not the world or others , we have absolute security.

David says God is Our Supply." Our High Tower.” Towers were build in the cities so the soldiers could look down on their attackers, where they stood above them and could fight there battles. This is the same for us. When our battles of life come, we can run to God and be lifted above our trails and find the rest and comfort we need to win these battles.

You read Ps. 18 and it is no wonder that David praised the Lord. We too, have the very same reasons that David did, so let’s praise Him and Honor Him and worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.

Serving Him Together

Bro. Larry Thompson



The Mission Moves Forward

Adopted By-Laws

Please take time to review the new By-Laws 

for the Washington County Baptist Association. 


Volunteers Needed

Caring Hearts is looking for volunteers to help one day a week to run the register and straighten up the front. If you are a committed individual willing to work one day a week, call Lanette at the Washington Baptist Association, 251-847-2753 Monday - Thursday, 9:00am - 3:00pm to schedule an interview.


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  November 2020  
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Office & Caring Hearts Closed
The WBA office and Caring Hearts will be closed for Thanksgiving. The 25th - 27th. We hope you all have a very blessed holiday.


Office & Caring Hearts Closed
The WBA office and Caring Hearts will be closed for Thanksgiving. The 25th - 27th. We hope you all have a very blessed holiday.


Office & Caring Hearts Closed
The WBA office and Caring Hearts will be closed for Thanksgiving. The 25th - 27th. We hope you all have a very blessed holiday.
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Currently our Food Pantry is closed. We had some damage from Hurricane Zeta.

We will let you know when we will start back up again. 

Our Food Pantry is here to serve the people of Washington County who need a little help. 

The Pantry Hours are:

Tuesday & Thursdays - 8:00am - Noon

We are closed the 2nd Tuesday of each month for food delivery.